Shoe Game:

1) The biggest trend to supposedly  seep out of men's fashion in the last five years, with origins in black/hood culture

2) What makes you rate a guy based on his face and kicks subsequently

A little background before we dive in. There is more that gives sneaker culture depth and diversity, but that's a discussion for another time. At the present moment sneakers occupy a huge part of our collective psyche as a society in the west. Limited edition releases, releases and general restocks have come to the forefront of my mind in the last three years. This is a two part series where I talk to two of guys I know who are killing the game, and have shifted how I see shoes. These guys are very normal, they are not so called fashion insiders, every shoe you see them wear has been earned; not through connections per se but through hard work, planning and saving. Below you will find my candid conversation with Christian on how he sees sneaker culture as a whole as well as his part in it. 

Let's dive in.