In an effort to spend time alone outside of my house I took myself on a little solo lunch date; prompted by some cancelled plans. The thought of eating alone makes me a little nervous because I'm always wary of uninvited conversations. Nothing to worry about at this joint seeing as the music is at the perfect volume to drown out unnecessary interaction without halting any intimate convo's. I ventured into the turnip cakes first and quite honestly wish I didn't. There was no flavour inside the cakes - making matters worse was the under-cooked pancake texture. I was honestly praying for God to save me while finishing it all up (you know how it is when you're paying for your food). The only saving grace was the chocolate cake. It had a deep flavour, that was complemented by the ganache. I wouldn't say it's the stuff of my dreams. If it wasn't vegan it would be two steps above Safeway type cakes. All in all some food gives more than you get. While I'm sure that the nutrients delivered will be doing some ace things for my stomach; it's been a few hours and the food isn't doing any ace things to my stomach.  The biggest positive's are the fact that I want to make a vegan burger from scratch, at home - and the light/atmosphere photographs beautifully. Food wise I have to tell myself 'ho don't do it'.