011 - Full Bloom

When it comes to tough girl chic, I'm always alarmed by how wonderful but cold the aesthetic can be. A coldness that tells you the woman is not only in control of herself and her life, but one that makes her surroundings maleable to her attitude. See it's through fearlessness that my own woman can make any place reflect her inner core. It was only the other day that I realized that this website isn't just a place I put stuff up, in a small way it's the creation of my very own universe. Nothing excites me more than that, as such when I shoot people I feel that they are, for a short and temporary time, fully immersed in the world through my eyes. My world.

Evidence? Shooting Gelline in front of glaringly bright blue walls, on a sunny day without aiming to hide that fact. She is my reinterpretation of tough, you don't have to declare it or make it glaringly obvious because you can see and feel it. More than that it's spring and since there's nothing more groundbreaking than all things floral - including flowers. Two poor buds later and I don't think I've been more satisfied with anything I've shot to date - including myself.