In the present moment we have become a culture of maximization. Blame it on the recession, dwindling natural resources or the high turnover rate of trends, but impact matters. Creating long lasting visceral impact in the shortest amount of time seems to be the name of the game. With the rise of a social media following being transformed to real life currency in many arenas there's no time to draw a story out. Mind you the need for social media currency is no longer a laughable meme, but a data crunch to keep your eye on. I wouldn't go so far as to say that everyone lacks poignancy due to this pursuit, but many miss the sartorial mark. Those who can reach the sartorial pinnacle, seem to know how to play the old game. Doing the least while looking like you're doing the most. Hinging this odd balance on having a star item. You need to capture attention and have it marked in the mind when the object is no longer present for consumption. You need to make sure no one will say you're not actually doing anything worthwhile or new.

Allow me to extrapolate this analogy. In many ways the manner of approaching the current Syrian refuge crisis mirrors the need for impact. The impact of imagery, often hinging on the dead, draws more people to action than any reports of a regime that used chemical weapons on its civilian population. I mean sure the UN was moved to tears, but a concentrated population removed from the masses doesn't matter - the general population I am in touch with were unaware. Most can attest to how little impact a spread in any magazine come the change of seasons has. It looks nice, the trend forecast is interesting but that's it. Your awareness will soon shift to something that has more bells and whistles. 

Transience is king and this counts for news and fall dressing is the perfect time to be transient. The unpredictability of fall weather means the need for warmth, but also the need to not try so hard. Ice cold in the morning and balmy in the afternoon? You don't need to commit to an aesthetic. Coat, shorts, mini skirt? You can play and flirt. The only issue with this lack of commitment is that it removes the urgency of space and time. The leaves are dying, but not quite. Uni is slowly killing your will to live, but not quite. That refugee crisis is bad, but there are lots of others. There's no sense of urgency. Much like the now heavily circulated image and story of Aylan Kurdi. Impact - yes. Imprinting in the minds of everyone - yes. Long term impact or results? Only time will tell. The only question I'd pose as the chill seeps deeper into your bones. Are you aiming for shock or awareness? 

*If you're keen on knowing more about the refugee crisis beyond my wonky metaphor feel free to visit the following sites: 1,2,3,4.