I've always thought that the sentiment 'I Love NY' was a load of bullshit, put forth by the economic giants that be to extend the myth of this city and rake in those tourist dollars. Cha ching? Seems simple enough to me. I've read about everyone's infatuation with this city. Check homegrown talents Jay-Z and Alicia Keys (before she fell off) listing the merits of making it in NY over some cool production. Check fashion week and every insider, blogger or person who can put together a look that will be burnt into your cerebral cortex declaring this was it. You could only be ultra chic in NY, end of story. 

What did I get out of being in the city that never sleeps? The answer that vulnerability is the key to everything. New Yorkers aren't successful because they don't stop. They're successful because they can't stop and will wear their hearts of their sleeves while doing so. From spending time on the subway or just walking down the street, you'd be hard pressed to find someone who isn't on their hustle. Trying to get to the next level of their vision of making it with no spared emotion in sight. Kids would profess their ambitions to be the next, great a la J.Cole on the subway. Not caring on whether or not their bars were the best, or if their audience believed in their dream. They professed their passion and faith out loud and that seemed to be more than enough. I thought this was a fluke the first morning we witnessed a chorus of men sing their hearts out in the morning, a time when I'd usually have been dreaming of my warm bed. This particular morning I was in awe. I saw them clearly, and felt like chastising myself for not being as fearless and able to just let the world know this is what I dream of everyday all day.

Beyond the spirit in the street being one of openness, there was also a slight romance. Blame it on the fact that we traveled there during the Valentine's day long weekend but I like to think it's because the city is very invested in relationships? I'm still developing my theories on that. One item I can confirm is that all these couples were well dressed and had me wondering what kind of bad fashion sense I'd been putting up with these last few years. But these are all stories for another time. More to come.