New York was vibrant and inspiring in the day. However the night time provided an allure and seduction that kept us up and out longer than we thought we'd be able to handle. I've previously talked about safety and being out at night as a woman. Since we've been there and done that I had to wonder what else about going out at night in NY was on my mind. Granted the first night I was there I saw some people sitting within the shadows of night as if waiting for the perfect moment to pounce. But my imagination does tend to run wild so whose to know their real aim? Being out with friends was a matter of what do we want to see, where haven't we gone and when will the bloody tourist with a posse of picture takers move so I can get a clean shot of the Rockefeller? Night time was letting everything go. You don't have to worry about looking good and being on fleek because the suggested seriousness of perfection would mar on the hint of beauty coming undone takes at night.  Loose hair, bigger coats and more layers were all a go. With light bags because when shops are open till the wee hours of the morning, you just might feel the urge to buy a little something for yourself. And honestly under the dark of night what is a budget when you have more colourways than you thought possible! Exchange rate be damned. 

In terms of crowds in times square, the whole place was so bright that you didn't notice the fact that you'd bumped into another person for the nth time. And you know what they didn't care either! I can't really recommend what to do at night, but the one tip that I would give is wear shoes that are comfortable. You'll find yourself wanting to walk everywhere and nowhere all at once. It seemed that every corner and door held a different experience. Every hint of light crawling out of a crevice became a welcoming beacon whispering walk in.