I've been taking photography jobs for my uni newspaper for the last few years. Every assignment has been last minute and a challenge for me. I believe I talked about snapping Sonic Boom three years ago, with no idea on camera settings for concert shooting. I had to google what my ISO etc should have been during breaks from the pit. Not to mention feeling a little insecure about my tools, my basic lens was in a sea of telephoto lenses and multiple cameras. Fast forward to this year - I'm still shooting with the same camera and a little more certainty. These images are actually a combination of shots from my Nikon and my blackberry. I snapped some images for a collaboration between I'll Call You Tomorrow and ANNMS. The two came together for a merch collab, and a takeover of ANNMS' usually minimalist space. I don't have too many images of the night because I was having fun (and snapchatting). All I can say is that the energy of the room was nice - in the middle of a chaotic finals season seeing other creative individuals and just vibing was a needed shift. I started the night knowing three people in the room, but left having at the very least said hello to ten. For me that's odd, I have many thoughts about the local scene, many thoughts about being social. I'm not going to share any of them here - what I will share is the fact that for the first time (I've been doing this since I was 15) change is in the air. You can peep more of the images shot, and read the interview with ICYT here.