Look 1:  

Dress - Topshop

Hat - Honest Ed's

Ankle Boots - Senso

Sunglassses - Raen 

Look 2:

Jacket - From mountain people of Nepal

Sneakers - Nike 

Bag - Urban Outfitters

The fashion sphere loves the challenge of day to night. Can you make that tweed jacket you wore to work look oh so seductive come the time for dim lighting? You betcha. Open almost any mainstream mag and you will for sure find some type of feature centered on how a statement piece can change everything. I agree with that thinking but in a backwards manner. Living the life of an 80 year old means that day to night dressing is no issue for me. I'm asleep as soon as the sun goes down. Don't change the statement piece - instead work all the pieces around it to make your look go the extra mile without looking inappropriate for all the different looks you may need to present in one day. I decided to take this neon looking Topshop dress and do two looks. Substituting a hat here, a jacket there while keeping the dress and my sunglasses as base pieces. As the relaxed person I like to think I am there is nothing wrong with wearing something uber recognizable - I'm not trying to make anyone think that my closet goes on forever and ever.

Reuse - Reduce - Recyle

Na Eun graciously went along with my idea of changing the location where we took these images. We spent some three hours frolicking in one of the poshest areas ever - and sneaking into showhome showers. 

All images taken by Na Eun