Yohji Yamamoto

As nice as it would be to proclaim that personal style just plops out into the world without outside encouragement would be fallacious to say the least.  Barring myself from making the cyclical chicken or egg argument I conclude that everybody needs inspiration. Whether you aspire to channel a bit of what your idols preach, or feel that spark of life because of them there can be no doubt that seeing someone do something different helps progression.

To say I have a huge fashion crush on Mr. Yamamoto's designs would be an understatement of such grand proportions that my english professor would fail me on that one merit alone.

What I appreciate most is the fact that his designs deconstruct the female form. While many mainstream designers create clothing that highlights and accentuates parts of the female form - those parts highlighted  are the ones that are societally acceptable. 


Yamamoto  dares to give women and men a chance to escape from looking great. I am not suggesting that those who wear his clothes do not look great. I am looking to emphasize the fact that wearers of Yamamoto have a robust sense of character. 


Often when I look at collections I gasp and make a small wish to try and look like that out of this world cool chick, or the femme fatale. The difference is I want to look like a femme fatale. With Yamamoto you can be, posses depth from the way you look.  

That is something you can't style together. 

Below are a few images that make my heart flutter so inconsistently, one might mistake my joy for an oncoming myocardial infraction. 



All images sourced from Google Images