24 Bars

I got the chance to take some pictures inside one of the best retails stores - scratch that the best retails store I'd ever been in. Look once internet shopping became as easy as liking a pic on Instagram, everyone declared Retail to be a dying dog ready for execution. Only credit card phobes, paypal phobes and the old were seen to be those who ventured into malls beyond Christmas. I'd say not so fast! Simons is out there to prove that you can have a stylish mix of high low pieces complemented by award winning architecture. Each and every section has a theme to it - best seen in it's change rooms and the varying colour scheme. The best parts of the store though as the purpose sections that we tend to over look. The stairs, elevators and even the entrances each boast a uniqueness that makes you think that shopping to raise the annual GDP of China would be a breeze if every store put so much effort into how they present themselves.

To complement this overarching ideal Na Eun and I shot this Herve Leger dress around the main staircase (more to come on this!).  Much like Simons, Herve Leger has in recent years moved away from the quick thrill of a blatantly sexy dress that will make you ooze more sex appeal than Rihanna; to what some might call a more subdued look. Even though the design houses offerings never miss the sex appeal they're known for I feel that Herve Leger are moving into designs that you could wear to say the office? With attention to details as exhibited in the panneling, colour and construction of this dress I myself feel like investing in one of these pieces should be in my life plan.

I am beyond excited to present you with the first of six-ish posts taken in the store. 

Dress -

Heels - Senso 

Images by Na Eun.