A Rose By Any Other Name

Shirt (worn underneath) - Oak + Fort  Top - Neill Barrett  Skirt - Asos  Bag - Carven  Sneakers - Nike Air Max

I have a small ritual when it comes to choosing my kicks for the day - asking my brother for his opinion. While the value of a male perspective is highly contested, I find the focus maintains a sexualized gaze on the female form. I'd like to think the insidious nature of patriarchy has its limits. I find that when men actually know what's what, in terms of silhoutte, tailoring and the value of a solid aesthetic you cal put that one hundred emoji everywhere. I believe that because he has a different purpose when dressing, my brother's vision is a catalyst for a shoe choice that serves a question.This realization began when my father would shake his head at my bag choices, guiding me to something more timeless. Growing early this spring when my brother insisted that I put own the sneakers that I was going to put on. His reasoning, my overuse of these kicks grew from pure love; but also purely killed what I was wearing. In order for an outfit, and extending the idea further - our most personal work - to have impact it is necessary to step back. A real struggle for me in the last few years. Now that I am getting older the stakes are only getting higher, the investment of self (through time, effort and passion) is rising in turn. To let go and realize that someone else has a suggestion can be frightening at first. I bristled at my brother's suggestions - but I soon realized he just wanted everything to be on fleek. However I must say that for the purposes of full disclosure, he didn't tell me to wear these kicks with this outfit, but I did think twice about wearing heels with it.  In the back of my mind I saw his frown the last time I tried to pair a skirt/dress with sneakers. I also remembered that defaulting back to my own notions of silhouette and what a proper aesthetic is, stopped me from completing my vision.