Always $trive And Prosper

Always $trive And Prosper

All or nothing is my code. Hearing statements such as you can go hard, or you can go home is amazing because it confirms a mindset I have about life in general. The more you give the more you receive, although reception won't always come at the times and in the form that you expect. As you can imagine this bleeds into everything I do on the regular!

I am about a year and a day late on that sheer trend. When I first saw the sheer trend come up I really thought that the look espoused was one that I could not commit to and so I left it well alone. More than that I saw it everywhere, and seeing that there is nothing I shy away from like looking common (I'm a snob that way!) observation of its reinterpretation was the closest I got to trying it out. With liberty outside of high school dress code policing and the fact that I don't feel any need to keep up with trends here is my interpretation of sheer. This look is something that I would have side eyed a year ago - Now that I am starting to understand how I work my all or nothing tendency has morphed twofold: Save yourself first, please yourself first - choose your order and peace of mind. Accept your change. 

Coat - Highjacked from my mother

Bag - Aldo

Jeans - Gap

Ankle Boots - The Bay (old)

Shirt - American Apparel

Bra - Calvin Klein