Bodysuit - (American Apparel)  Skirt - Lord & Taylor  Collared Shirt - Wrangler (mens) Sneakers - Nike (men's)    Sunglasses - Sunnies by Charlie

May is my favourite month because it's Sale season. While some of the hype is simple capitalistism; the ultimate art of spin now is a great time to eye higher end items that you feel would add substance to your wardrobe. Personally I'm not super into shopping this year, instead I'm returning to old items, such as this skirt and bodysuit, that were bought during last years sales season. The art of sale shopping for me is questioning what the item is doing for my closet. If I want a cheap thrill I stick to hitting the dollar menu, or Tuesday movie specials. After a few too many split trousers and fading colours, I'm wary of a cheap thrill.

There's also the issue of closet integration. As lovely as a jumpsuit looks, when I'm honest it would spend it's time sitting in my closet. Further down the road is trying to make clothes blend well with my style. Case in point? This skirt! I've tried wearing it a few times as seen here. And I think it's only now, almost a year later that I can feel comfortable wearing this around. I no longer feel like I'm masquerading as a debutante. More than that I've been I have finally come to see that breaking items in has more to do than the simple act of wearing. You have to accept the change and allow yourself to change. 

PS - I know that I am wearing two different socks. What can I say it was a hard morning.