Sweatshirt - Neil Barrett                                    Skirt - Asos                                      Heels - Senso

As much as I've been wearing a uniform these last few months of winter there is something brilliant about breaking the norm. Complain as I might about winter and it's limitations there's an underlying factor that can't be ignored. Because writing stress, stress, stress isn't proper let's talk about why this snow covered tundra is magical. The ferocity of cold winds, snow and icy paths that will make you wish you kept skating will toughen up a look faster than a brisk snowfall. As much as I'd like to say my winter dressing is about cozy knits and looking warm and cute; it is defensive. Much like an argument everyday my outfits are offered against winter. With each article of clothing I am expressing my defiance against the temperature. Not in the foolish -I don't need tights manner - but in the I won't stop trying to feeling decent way. Even though the tempratures go up, there is a persistence in the seemingly eternal coating of snow and because mother nature never rests her case - neither can I.