Belle Verde

I would like to be a person of signatures. In what I consider a past life, the obsession was bred over the ones that I could stain paper with, wondering if they would be as effectual when dry. That obsession stayed with me, grew and morphed - I wonder what image I will leave with people after I have left them.

If tumblr memes and the thousands of quotes on relationships across this interweb have not permeated your psyche, holler at me when they do and I'll gladly welcome you to the club. Behind every relationship I enter I wonder when it will end. With friends I ask 'when will we stop talking', 'when will I feel detached', 'who will do something that will end this first?; . Stronger bonds lie in family and friends whose scars I have seen enough to feel like family. For these ties I wonder who will die first.

But on a superficial level I believe that a woman who bears consistency in how she makes herself up is ideal. Call me old fashioned: I do not mind that type of monotony. Thus on my personal path to wearing make up I go forth with one plan in mind. I go forth with the want to create a look that will have me going 'That is an Akoyi item'. Narcissistic? I couldn't say. 

Let's leave it at the fact that I like to top everything and myself off with a punch of colour. Smack you in the face bright colour.

Now that you've made it all the way through: a few notes on pictures and clothes.

These images were taken by Jane late last December. We originally planned to do an impromptu shoot before I headed to work but I am perpetually late and thus had to make due during one of my breaks. The trickiest part? Shooting this all in a change room. We were lucky because the change room was large enough for us two with room to spare for tactical framing. Moreover due to the high end nature of the department there was relatively low customer traffic. Nothing would be more awkward than being discovered a la change room with a camera in hand.

A perverts imagination would run wild.

I'm posting them now because I have just escaped the dreaded finals season. Three cheers?

Part 2 from this shoot coming in the next few days with full outfit and camera stats.