Blaze It (Not 420)

The blazer is the bane of my existence!! The first time I bought one it was a one off five dollar purchase from H&M. After the buzz from compliments wore off I was left wondering how does this actually fit into life. Yes, I agree that blazers are chic. You are chic in a (well fitting and maybe tailored blazer) - got it. But can the blazer be diverse? Do you have to look polished or can you be undone. If undone are you magazine ready (3 stylists used) undone OR are you Parisian I-was-born-effortless undone. Do you see the dilemma people?!?! This is coupled with issues of fit, style, material, colour, design. Basically my solution has been to inherit blazers from my mother. Because she has good taste. Frankly apart from maybe three blazers in my closet - I haven't bothered to figure out what kind of blazer person I could be. Big life questions.

Images by Na Eun