Blue Dream

Trying to create universalsim in clothing styles can be disastrous. The t-shirt dress has always been the perfect example for me. One size fits all can be dreadful for both sides of the size spectrum. Too much fabric, too little tailoring leads to never striking the chord in the right way for anyone. In this world of extra fast fashion ideas on tailoring and body proportionality seem to have been tossed right out the sweatshop window. And I can't really blame them, imagine how much more torturous making those garments would be for workers if tailoring was an issue to be addressed. Nevertheless I find myself running towards more elevated wear when I have to have clothing that's typically associated with a lower price point. Mind you this t-shirt dress is not bespoke, but you will know when you have the wrong body type to wear a design like this. Which is a fact of life that seems to be skimmed over these days. In the pursuit to democratize clothing, via expansion into plus sizing, petite sizing and tall sizing; there is a denial as to the fact that not all styles should cross over. Not all styles need to run from size 0 to 22 and vice versa. Sometimes you have to live with the fact that you shouldn't wear everything. You can't have it all.