Dress - Diane von Furstenburg

I decided to experiment a little bit - well not really seeing as I'm still a huge sucker for a little flash assisted shooting. I don't think I mentioned this before but I recently acquired a DSLR. I've been shooting for the last 2-ish years on a little Sony point and shoot. And then BAM! I had the chance to upgrade. 

Even though it feels amazing to have the ability to do more than just point and shoot I'd like to say that you should never succumb to your environment whether good or bad. Letting our surroundings define us as people is dangerous because they are always changing. This goes for the clothes you wear and the tools you have. Do your best with what is available - true skill lies inside of yourself. Even as I researched what types of DSLR's were available in my price range my uncle (photographer extrodinaire) was quick to caution me against falling for the trap of expensive. A good picture he said is more important than whether or not you've got that 5 grand camera. You can't buy talent. Or bucket hat's seeing as I stole my brother's for a few quick moments.

More to come.