Grey Dress (worn underneath) - Oak + Fort  Black Slip Dress - Aritzia  Jacket - Unknown  Trousers - t by Alexander Wang  Sneakers - Nike Air Max

In between the current obsession with minimalism and all things grey, nude and neutral there was a slight obsession with looking perfectly undone. Like your hair just fell out of it's bun oh so graciously on its own, and your slip dress looks rumpled just so because you know - life and the like. Not like you've spent at least 30 minutes thinking about how rumpled you can look before you cross the border line from off kilter and aspirational to off kilter and in need of a weeks sleep. What I am trying to say is that these days I don't know which side of the border I lie on. I'd like to say that I am busy but to be frank I have no more literal and sartorial f*cks to give. They all left a while ago, right when I started taking fashion ques from the local grandparents I see when I am out and about. I know quelle horror! But let's be real, their fit is always flyer than every dude on the block and his Hypebeast fave. I tell no lies. But it's been a warm winter and instead of trying to be ulta cozy and chic in a chunky knit I am super concerned with feeling like the Michelin man looks. Comfort is becoming king in small ways. I've only dared to put a heel on maybe 3 times this winter. A huge downturn from last year when I was like - 'Ice? What ice?', while proceeding to teeter like a new born giraffe. But I digress what you need to take from all this is that nothing feels better than the protection layers bring. When I don't worry about whether or not I should be wearing orange and blue together because my jacket has pockets for days. Pockets big enough to hide my thoughts when they start worrying about being judged. If this makes no sense to you don't worry, my Canadian politics class has done a doozy on my grey matter.