Come On Love, Let's Get Away

Come On Love, Let's Get Away

Broken is beautiful: a very common and cheesy epitaph that exists in the twitterverse, not to mention the cliche circulating tumblrverse. Sometimes these reinforcements are necessary: however the majority of the time the come off as cheesiness wrapped in a rose coloured view of life. 

I subscribe to the latter sentiment with partiality - broken is beautiful when it is a naturally occuring. Case in point the man made ice sculptures below. I was not born in a naturally cold climate. My reaction to snow fell into two distinct categories. The first being surprise that I felt cold on the outside: a dissimilarity to the chill I only felt when eating ice cream or frozen lollies. The second put me in a state of awe - that the earth could create this. 

I don't travel more than once a year, if luck and good timing permit it. A more honest version of myself feels that if I am not enduring 12+ hours of travel then it's not really a vacation. However living the student life has made my mind permeable to the idea of an in city getaway. Getaways in your city probably seems like the most redundant redundancy ever. But think about it. Traveling is laboured with not just costs, but risk. In your city you can afford to go back home i.e. your comfort zone. Food is no problem: there is no quasi local food to be trudged through. Hopefully you know your stuff. More than that you can take your friends - as many as are willing to come: which is not very realistic if you want to say go to Aruba for a month.

I enjoyed a separation of realities: my reality of living in this city vs. the reality of what it had to offer me in the beginning of the year. 

Looks like another one is in order!