The leaked American Apparel memo on not needing any 'Instagram ho's and thot's' to model for the brand made me realize that re-branding isn't always the most positive occurrence. The fact that their long time CEO had been deposed, after years of rumored inappropriate sexual interactions with staff I exhaled a sigh of relief. The reduction of problematic totems of the brand was something I welcomed in relief. What I hope to impart is the fact that dressing is a political choice  from the moment you buy something. Which means that the changing politics of a brand are not always inherently tied to clothing itself. I haven't seen a move to more conservative clothing, leaving me at a loss at to what the intent of new management really is. Never one to shop at AA, I recently realized that their basics were easily adaptable to my current lifestyle. This jacket is one prime example. Men's wear in a lighter pastel colour without an insane price, granted I did buy this on the weekend of their 90% of sale items. Seven dollars and one dream of slouchiness later, here I am!