I've actually been trying to write this post for almost two days. This is a look that I have never really tried - between the all black and 50 shades of brown skin that hasn't seen the light of day I'm a bit lost as to what I want to say. Always ask before you borrow your brothers bomber type jacket? Make sure you can in fact run up a flight of sixty stairs with the skirt slit of your choice? I'd advise you to check all the above - wearing this through the day my biggest fear what that the slit would rip and the skirt would come apart. God bless whatever sweatshop ASOS used to make this skirt because my biggest fear did not come to pass. What I really want to say to everyone I can today is to stop worrying so much about what people think - even the person that you were. As I try to level up my game across the different things I am trying and doing in my life the question of how to level up becomes harder as you see some progress. I realized the other day that there is a small part of myself that judges myself. I'm not talking about the voice in your head that might tell you to drop the cinnabon - the other voice that tells you that you're not cool enough or whatever for a look. The perception of what you put together has nothing to do with you and how you put it together. Just let yourself go and enjoy whatever you've been too scared to try. I myself thoroughly enjoyed wearing all black - so much so that I'm looking forward to giving it a different go before all the leaves die. There's something more pleasing about seeing color with punch rather than wearing punchy color right now.

Bomber - American Apparel                                                          Heels - Senso 

Bralette - Aritzia                                                                               Bag - Aritzia 

Skirt - Asos

Images by Karyl