Truth be told I didn't really know what to do with this t-shirt dress until this summer.  Blame it on the fact that I really really wanted to think in terms of straight size styling. But being delusional about my body type can only last as long as I'm staring at a piece on the hanger where my dream is to have that model off duty look. Maximize on perceived willowiness of the body, maximize on the leg to high heel ratio adding an aloofness via a hat. BAM just like that I would be cool. If I'm being completely truthful, or as truthful as you can be on the internet, looking cool and chic (like avant garde I don't follow trends chic) has long been a preoccupation of my mind. When I was in my preteen years, much like everyone else I believed that having that one of a kind aura was reliant on having specific items of clothing and accessories. Cue in many years of first day of school anxiety coupled with close to fifty thousand years spent in change rooms because if there was one thing I did in life other than finish my homework before the next day of classes, I would have that girl next door look down. Where my projection of girl next door was based on the fact that she lived next to you but her clothing had more mysterious origins that a sweatshop floor.  However after a few years of struggles I just stopped trying. See no matter what, the end result was always me in front of the mirror realizing that something was missing.  There was no spark, no detail that filled me with joy until I stopped caring. This moment of not being concerned hinged on the fact that I had metaphorically thrown my hands up in the air and realized that even if I could never reach the as cool as Christine Centenera dressing moment my food baby will still love and accept me no matter what.

Photography by Na Eun

Editing by Akoyi M