Dans Le Nuit

This past week I was lucky enough to come across novels written by authors who are relatively outside or mildly caught in the western perspective.  The novel that really struck me was Elephants Dance - the melding of Pinoy mythology and the telling of the chaos of Japanese occupation - making me think about the night. The darkness that lingers in human acts, stories and legends has always been embodied by the hours between sundown and sun up for me.  When I have spent time in the dark, it's been at my grandmothers - hoisting water, careful not to make any noise for stories of what really does come out at night. More than that, my usual activities involve stepping into the dark, between doorway's and car doors. Praying that any exposed body parts wouldn't be damaged by any exposure to the elements. There is the same manner of sucktitude I display when it comes to dressing myself in summer - in the night. Given it's cooler now - so I can easily transition my outfit of choice for the day into night. Some clean grey monochrome actions, with ace turtleneck detailing are my kind of 12 + hour pairing.  Beyond the physical,  I am trying to frame darkness with light in mind. Whatever it hides, it also reveals - and unlike daylight the manner of revelation is coy. Taking this hint, I try to be more sublime, less skin can also perform in terms of enticing the eye. Lighting is everything; whether it's perfectly sexy bread lighting in a restaurant: the way light is emitted from buildings: the angles of your face revealed - I am all for it. So whose afraid of the dark?