Bakeries these day's err on the side of a daintiness that has you feeling as if you're in Paris. As if you've stepped into a new world, one tinged with just the right amount of sugar, tender carbs baked to perfection and no suggestion of 'sensibility'. You can have your desert and eat it too. Except for the fact that you can't. I've visited a small handful of bakeries in this city and they've all fallen short. Some are tasty but supremely overpriced and vice-versa; while outliers don't deliver on taste or price. Look I can take all the pretty instagram pictures I want of pastel coloured, rose water tinged macaroons but the truth doesn't hide even with VSCO filters on the ready. Which means that more often than not I find myself at the gym trying to work off the bad taste left in my mouth or wallet more than the ingested carbs/sugar. Until my spin instructor finds a way to do both I will be sniffing delicious scents at Dauphine. You'll have to read this little spiel with some objectivity seeing as I do not ingest dairy or dairy products (except for when I think diarrhea is a good idea). The first sign to me that this shop was a little different was the interior. The space is underground which made me think that the lighting would be too much but it didn't fry my cornea. Next came the display and layout in general which I really think one needs to see for themselves; they even have hundred year old plumbing. One last note I'd make is that Gelline didn't complain about the pastries that she picked! Which is to say that in the past we have both encountered the too sweet sensation (can someone tell me why North Americans think sugar = dessert?). Not today chums, everything hit the right notes and taste buds.