Aloha. I opened this up to blog today and realized that I haven't posted anything here in close to three whole months. Supremely astonishing to me since I told myself that 2017 would be a year for creative output. Which isn't to say that it hasn't been, there just hasn't been anything to post about. I've been thinking of the issue of quality versus quantity - not just in terms of outfits [they are all dangerously close permutations of one another] - but content. With the rigors of school and life I've had to admit that I am not a machine. I can't burn the candle from both ends without pausing to question myself. Anyway I am not going to get into this on a large scale here. Just wanted to show you an outfit I've been living in. I've worn all these pieces, minus the high heels, multiple times and I am sure that those who see me everyday must be convinced that my closet is non existent. 

I had to have this jacket because I love jackets. And it has the oversized inner pocket deal going for it as well. However unlike previous purchases it look two months of agonizing over it, telling everyone about it and perusing it online at different angles to finally buy it. 

The shirt on the other hand was a gotta have it, it's already on sale moment. Both pieces are menswear, which I find gives my silhouette the right balance. Even though I'm never going to have the modelesque boyish silhouette I can still manage to not make dressing all about my shape. Winning