Economic liberation, by the way of the part time and full time job's I've held since deciding I needed a job, has been freeing to say the least. In no arena more so than shopping for myself. Where suddenly if I could work for it, I could have it. Of course somethings cannot be bought when you're a student - there is a cap as to how much you will be paid (unless you're well connected). The first few years of working, led me to say the word yes without discrimination. Do I like it? Yes Will I wear it at least once? Yes. As you've probably guessed I accumulated way too many clothes. Enough to dress myself for at least three months without repetition. This past summer I had to get rid of most of it. My closet was a mess, clothes were exploding onto my bedroom floor as well as my bathroom in every conceivable manner. The biggest issue that I faced was realizing that my shopping could be aspirational - which is no problem as long as who you aspire to be (and dress like) is fairly consistent. Which isn't my cup of tea. I want to be edgy/chic/boho/minimalist think of a Chloe girl, mixed with the avant garde notions of Victor & Rolf plus a touch of Yohji Yamamoto. The result was I never fully realized the vision of a better me that existed in my mind. Better me was well dressed, comfortable and not supposed to fidget 80 times in an hour, wondering if her necklace was skewed. 

Add the fact that some of what I wished to wear ended up being dry clean only types. Where dragging my ass (and wallet to the dry cleaners) felt like a bad experiment in alerting the dry cleaners to the fact that yes, neoprene existed outside the pool and velvet can be a multicoloured/textured dream. Still worse are items that read wash in cold, tumble dry low/air dry. Where my mind feels relaxed once I toss stuff into the machine - resulting in a few mishaps. After going through the process of tossing, I've gotten rid of about half of what I've categorized as not meant for me. Which meant making sure what I determined to be me was A) able to be layered in a multitude of temperatures and events but more importantly B) quick and easy, like the Maybelline tag line for your clothes. Maybe she's born with it?