Do Ya

Every time I read a think piece penned by those of a certain age recounting eras of the past there is the notion of the depreciation of life over their judgement of the present. Traveling isn't fun because we are all badly dressed and look more drab than your skin after pressurized air. Shopping lacks its luster because mass access, tastes and globalization have rendered every designer a mad hatter with too many sartorial turns per season to create silhouettes and narratives with taste. The list goes on. 

After I got over my mild offence over the generational implications I had to wonder whatever happened to dining out. Throwing questions of whether we are all pretending to have good taste aside; I remember what a ceremony picking an outfit was when I was little. Eating out was always surrounded by a specific momentum created an ambiance above and beyond the actual want for food.  I'm a total snob when it comes to eating out. Food is the number one joy of my life when I'm not busy. To eat becomes a total experience, especially when I go out with friends. 

But the real beef is how we dress when we want to hit up our fave old and new spots. Most of the time I am trying to dress to hide my inevitable food baby. But what I've noticed is that people like it when you are doing the most dot com. If you look like you'd pull this class of stunt  I guarantee you'll get the best service ever. No lie but I secretly think people are nicer to you when they think you're either living better than them OR you're actually a manifestation of a life that is a version of reality. But reality in HD giving their establishment some greater appeal. Or maybe we all like the notion of being in establishments with gatekeepers a la academia. 

Jacket (worn underneath) - Zara  

T-shirt - H&M

Jeans - American Apparel

Heels - Senso

Choker - Martine Ali 

Crossbody Bag - Carven