Jacket & Jeans - American Apparel    Dress - Oak + Fort      Heels - Senso

Let's talk cultural appropriation and unappreciated nuances. For months on end a new trend has been popping up. Every blogger and it-girl in the fashion sphere has been seen rocking her trousers under a dress. While waiting for the masses to jump on that bandwagon, I can't help but reminisce about my childhood. I've long been one to say that the women around me from childhood have influenced how I dress, and what I think elegance is. Most of these women could be found in my family, but some were seen in passing. Indians have lived in Kenya since the British dragged them down to help build railway infrastructure. Those who weren't gobbled up by lions flourished. I'm going to skip over any mention of their economic dominance and protectionism to talk clothes. In between the whispers of scary Indian mother-in-law standards, there was also the promise of a subtle type of finery. Often glimpsed in the everyday, but fully exposed when a festival (Diwali is my fav) or wedding was ongoing. Many a time I'd see the women wearing sari's but I'd also glimpse a little trouser and top action going on. To me it seemed to be a slight rebellion. After all how was it possible to wearing two contrasting items, with specificity to gender roles? I still haven't managed to answer that question for myself. So it really hit me viscerally when I saw bloggers being heralded for this new innovation. Taking it away from the originators, a continuing norm in western culture. I wish we would as a whole, appreciate the originators. More than a striking silhouette, they have history and tales of endurance to offer - the kind of shit that would make 8 hours in heel seem like nothing.