Shirt - Wrangler (men's)

Trousers - WooYoungMi

Ankle Boots - Senso

I think that by this time, it's no secret that I enjoy dressing in men's clothes. Especially this summer, the heat is getting to me like nothing else. When a t-shirt dress won't cut it lose and relaxed fits will. Taking inspiration for silhouettes from the old Chinese and Korean grandpa's who are staples on the bus in my neighbourhood. Enter these perfect trousers by Woo Young Mi, and I was ready to go.  Kind of odd how the brand WooYoungMi, according to wikipedia lore, was founded by a woman! Shocking especially since they're slowly being heralded as the best brand in menswear. The more I read about Woo Young Mi's views on men's wear and design, the more my contempt for womenswear designed by men grows. Their problematic nature knows no bounds for me, except for dead old Mr. Yohji Yamamoto - but that's another story.