All Clothing - American Apparel        Jacket - Thrifted        Ankle Boots - Senso        Crossbody Bag - Calvin Klein

The scene is set as follows: me trying to calculate the time I've spent trying to look awake (coffee seemed to stop working after the first two days of playing tourist), while the Japanese tourist from breakfast smokes leisurely inhaling and exhaling. Neither of us would admit to it, but we are peering at the other curiously from the corner of our eyes. Individually we are both trying to do the final tasks designated to morning times, while some neighbourhood cat shows me how the posing game should be done. To which I can only say touche mister pussy cat. I've fallen off  in the last month. I'd love to say school is the reason, however opening up my pictures is a little depressing. Winter has come back with a vengeance, and the eternally whistling winds whip ideas of what was in my mind. Here's an outfit I wore close to this time last month in Rome waiting for my taxi to come and whisk me to the train station. I'll be doing one final post on Italy soon as a recap. Hope you're all enjoying the first month of 2016, less dazed confused and frostbitten than I am.