Got A Beautiful Mom, But I'm Such A Beast

Got A Beautiful Mom, But I'm Such A Beast

When I was younger, or as I should say a little more confused in life I used to think my favourite colour was green. I would mix up the fact that my mother was fond of it with my own fondness. This occurred with purple and a good friend - until the day I woke up and realized a love blue. 

I don't love blue the way you say you love ice cream - with mild fondness. My love is akin to a psychologists own love for the new format of their howtotellpeopleyourcrazymanual. That borderline insane love, which makes you notice that you could wear blue enough to become blue.

I usually ask my chums to snap pics in a nearby location. There is nothing worse than becoming that friend who turns a favour into an adventure you do not want to have. The location Na Eun and I chose this time was not only the perfect mood lifter after a tiring week, but it felt like my insides had been painted outside.  

Usually after I've gotten dressed and left the house I realize most people have only 1 colour on - and I look like a rainbow vomited all over me. Not that I mind. Nothing like sucker punching a passer-by's retina with dispersion's baby. Newton wouldn't want his gift to physics to be seen only then right?

Apart from my mild remembrance of what I learned in physics last year, I think it's quite true that colour changes mood. See the evidence below.  




Images taken by Na Eun

Edited by me