Huishan Zhang

For what feels like 50,000++ years every-time someone in my social cloud utters the word made in China I feel a cloud of something in the air. This something may be akin to dread, a small type of doubt and fiesty defiance in the eyes of my friends who are Chinese. The intangible relationship between the views of the western world and the reality of what can be seen as 'other' is inescapable. You know the deal, especially at this time of year, when images of starving children etc will be projected onto your psyche via television screen.

The belief that 'made in china' equates to cheap carbon copies is fast changing with young talents like Huishan Zhang. This graduate of the eponymous Central St. Martin's has designs are modest in silhouette: but otherwise intricate in overall design and concept. 

In his words he caters to  “Women who are well travelled, cultured and sophisticated.”

Below are a few of my favourites from his most recent collections - you can read more about him here

All images sourced from Google.