Ice Age

I've been gone for a minute due to a recent re-commitment to school and the fact that my external hard drive has been playing games - and by games I mean I have in the span of one week lost 35000+ photos.

Yes two very odd things have happened to me in the span of less than six months. As much as I would like to pretend that I am a calm human who is taking it well my radio silence has come with a few moments of asking myself 'Am I getting through this or am I about to cry for three days?' First came my moment of waking up, I've spent the whole summer telling my friends that I feel so awake! Like my brain just left an odd funk I didn't even know that I was in. Suddenly I've been shunning 2 am edits in favour of sleep and doing more readings. Thinking about how nice it is to think about doing my assignments and actually feigning deep interest in class. Then in the last two weeks I decided to upgrade my external harddrive and quelle surprise, just when I thought I was getting the handle of life and adulting I lost my pictures. I'm sure you may be like relax, you have so many on this blog. Which is true, except for all the travel images that I had been taking my sweet time to edit before posting and sharing with my fam and friends. I would go into this more but I think I am in shock, every-time I try to think about it I feel distant and dull sensation of the emotions of panic and dread behind my sinuses. Yes I am still in a mild form of denial. 

PS** - These images are from two weeks ago when mother nature decided to remind us all of which hemisphere we reside in. Cue me almost falling on my ass five times, on the one day I decided that hey let's wear some heels and leave the kicks at home.