Infinity At A Million Times

Infinity At A Million Times

On this side of the seaboard two things have dawned upon me: winter and the early hint of final exams for the semester. Usually I would spend this time procrastinating while eating bagels and watching really,really bad television - however things have changed. Without previous intentions I am slowly starting to categorize all my little bits and things so that I can cease being that crazy person sur l'autobus who is 2 seconds away from dumping the entire contents of their bad to find a Chapstick. 

Miniature bags are actually becoming a favourite of mine: in spite of the fact that I spent the years between ages 13 & 16 obsessed with those carry all types of totes. Of course I didn't just wake up and go Eureka! I have seen the light and enough muscle damage to lighten up. Basically when I used 5 out of the maybe 20 items in my bag everyday, my lazy side prevailed and I started changing my bags. Beating my former notions was a task and a half; the fear inducing question of what if always rang in the back of my mind. What if I really really needed those two other textbooks. God forbid I didn't have my three other lipsticks or the second novel I had started!

What if I don't became what if I leave this here, will I explode once I leave the front door? What if I use the smaller bag when I am running errands. Much like an environmentalist would preach the three R's [reuse-reduce and recycle], I took on the mantra of reduce, reduce and reduce.

Now if only I could exercise the same exorcism of stuff on my bagpack...

Full breakdown of items if you make it all the way down!