The worst part about every new job is acquainting your closet with the dress code. No longer am I in the mood to even think about buying a few pieces that definitely fit the dress code. I used to do this in order to use the definitely appropriate items of clothing to mask all my other questionable items of clothing. My main issue isn't whether clothing is too revealing or tight (I keep a grandmotherly appropriateness with hemlines and such) the main issue is how many patters is too many patterns? Is this neon top going to burn their corneas off before they notice that there is a neon top in their midst?

Even though I like to reason that I am simply there to work and do my job well there is no denying the value of making an impact with your look. I will admit that work has taught me to tone it down, I usually start picking out what I'm going to wear by choosing a neutral and going from there. I figure these corporate types can't handle too much excitement.