Just Do It Cuz I'm Supposed To

Just Do It Cuz I'm Supposed To

My brain and I are in agreement about the fact that jeans make my ass look fat. The two pairs of jeans that I steal glances of in my closet can attest to that fact. Whether or not this is actually true is something I have resolved to try and direct my brain power to things that are actually important. In the grand scheme of things your booty size isn't affecting foreign policy in your country and thus you simply have to discover comfort in your own body.

I can't really remember where I was going with this and so my dead brain and I leave you with these images below. Just stare at the pink chrome and forget about how what I wrote above doesn't really make sense.


Cardigan - BCBGMax Azria

Top - Marshall's

Leggings - G.A.P

Ankle Boots - Senso