Keep Whispering Love

Keep Whispering Love

I want to shamelessly admit the fact that I've been waiting to wear this outfit all week. Honestly, even though I am currently writing exams that will decide my fate, all that I could think about was when in the hell would the sun come out so I could wear this?!?!? 

Monday was alright, but Tuesday and Wednesday were rainy messes, with a pretty wicked thunderstorm appearing yesterday.

More than that, I have a personal theory about exams. When I look decent, I do decently

(okay not always...).

But when how I have presented myself is not a worry, I can truly focus on spazzing out about other useless things, like whether or not I will suddenly come up with a bad case of retrograde amnesia and FAIL. 

This is my sense of 'exam comfort', which is why I probably looked like an asshole today. Whilst the large majority of classmates were clad in jeans and sweatpants, I was stalking my way through the halls for last minute notes, in heels and proper trousers. 

Actually I felt like an ass because I'd read this article in Seventeen about how people who don't look like they're about to die during exams are odd. But why am I taking advice from Seventeen (no offence!!)

Tank - 

La Senza

Trousers - 

T by Alexander Wang

Jacket - Vintage 

Images taken by - Paulina

Image Editing - Me