Kick Back

Shooting an outfit when traveling has only ever happened successfully for me in the life with tripod era. So imagine the unexpected cocktail of surprise, horror and hope I felt after getting into my taxi, rushing full force to the airport to sort out last minute troubles, only to realize that I had forgotten my tripod by my staircase. I suppose this is strike 50 million for being prepared and packing ahead of time. However upon arrival I found that my trip mater were (or at least acted like they were) down for my antics. More to come soon, sifting through my external drive has never made me more elated (I think that I am finally making progress at snapping images) - but also the air quality went from one hundred to ten - making me question what sign I should take this as. 


Bodysuit and Bomber - American Apparel

Slip Dress - Aritzia

Heels - SENSO

Nude Choker - Martine Ali

Gold Necklace - Oak + Fort