My first encounter with a quote unquote uniform was through school where following the structure set up by British colonialism strict rules were the way to go. The only relief from hemlines below the knee and socks long enough to cover ankles was a day called home clothes day. I don't remember all of them, the most memorable was when I was in the fourth grade. But only for the fact that my oldest cousin discovered that my crush was in primary level (you can imagine the feeling of death that I felt for the rest of that day). Given the fact that I was only used to wearing my clothes on home clothes days, and the weekend I've always lacked restraint. I know I finally stated a very obvious fact, but it took me a while to realize that I'm heavy handed in what I see as final punches. In the last few months I've been wearing a ton of neutrals! It's insane how my black clothes went from 5 pieces to at least twenty - but I still lacked restraint there because the joy of choosing has never really worn off for me. 

Beyond going to a school that stipulates uniform requirements, I find that social events give me that same feeling of having predisposed guidelines. Whether they come in the form of a dress code or list of activities. There's always a limit somehow, somewhere. This is the reason why I take comfort in my free days. When I'm just going to school or chilling with a friend. I love the moment when I can just dress according to my mood, or dream aesthetic (always trying to dress like the me of my dreams - which may be your nightmare).  Where I seem to ask myself why not add one more layer or one more accessory in reverse of Coco Chanel's eponymous advice. Less is more. But more is also more.


Dress (worn as shirt) - Just Cavalli                              Button Up - Oak + Fort                               Ankle Boots - Senso

Jeans & Bagpack - American Apparel                         Sunglasses - Sunnies Studios                    Necklace - Martine Ali Jewellry