Lights On

Ever since we journeyed half way across the world and I proclaimed that I would like to learn mandarin, my mother has proclaimed me a lost soul with no roots. This should bring up a tale about mother-daughter squabbles but she is in fact right! Quite astute with that measure because I don't really have roots. Not in the sense that I don't know where I'm from, I could Google map/stalk my way down to the place my ancestors lived - but more so I've been exposed to so much. Everyone talks about globalization in terms of economies and the large cultural exchanges that we can see such as language, and of course mixed people. But the smaller things cause a mix up for the rest of us. Being born at the very end of the last millennium I spent my childhood learning about other cultures. Add Google, facebook, instagram and an insatiable curiosity and you have a head full of what may be too many cultural considerations!

Case in point? This outfit! To me a black dress can be chic, however it must have a headwrap or embellishment of some sort. And I tend to lean toward more traditional elements as opposed to the current ring stacking, two bag wearing situation we are in sartorially.