Akoyi Comment


Akoyi Comment

Dress - Vintage H&M

Sweatshirt - American Apparel

Sunglasses - Raen

Clutch - American Apparel

Boots (men's) - G-Star Raw

Let's talk common standards - or maybe perceptions. The most obvious one that comes to mind looking back at these images is the standard of the fence. I think that we all like to use the 'picket fence' to allude to suburbia and the imagined accompanying drudgery. Surprise, surprise but most fences I encounter bear no resemblence.

What I'm trying to say is that most if not all of the standard items we see to stand for a whole institution or way of life are real. Take casual Friday (because I took these on Friday but was too finished with the week to post.). Now some people will say only those who are in regular corporate wear need to have the chance to be chill on Friday. Yes we are talking your CEO, mid-level senior whatever, and maybe even your manager if the multi-national is supersized.  That is until I walked into the office three Friday's straight dressed like any other professional day. Questioning stares abound. 

I'm all for being an individual, but is there such a moment as being too much of an individual? I always recall what my eleventh grade English teacher said to my class. It was something along the lines of we are all individuals who are different but the same.

There comes a time when you have to conform instead of stubbornly striking out on your own. It's perfectly fine to blend in with the group without being the group. Does that register?

It did for me last Friday when I traded my heels for these long time loves of mine and donned on a sweatshirt with relief.