Cutting my hair is the single best thing I've done in life for myself. Even better than when I learnt how to separate colours before I washed. Or remove eyeliner from my pockets. This is not the first time I've had boyishly short hair. I got my hair cut at the age of 8 due to eczema. The deadly fellow had spread onto my scalp and finally started trying to hedge onto my face. To that my mother said a quick 'hell no!' and booked an appointment to the hairdressers for me.  Personally I thought that the whole experience was fun. I wouldn't have to worry about the itch, and the cloyingly cold mucus like consistency of Aloe Vera would be confined to the rest of me. These thoughts dissapeared as time passed and I got a new swimsuit. Suddenly I was worried that my head would be too small for the rest of my body and I would look like I needed a new head. My eight year old self wondered if it wasn't too late to take my hair back along with the eczema, which had true to my mother's expectations dissapeared. 

Fast forward eleven years and I did it again - a la Britney Spears. 

The second time around I cut my hair because I wanted freedom! There was something about my long hair that was becoming entrapping and very uncomfortable. No matter what I did I just couldn't shake the feeling that this was the end of my relationship with long hair. Off it went with nary a tear in sight - unlike the first time. The hair place - picked on impulse was full of men getting their hair cut. Each looking at me perplexed.

Now that I've settled into this look the only thought in my mind is how can I take it further. The inches that I was sporting a while ago proved to be too much. I'd like to pretend it's because of styling issues (a la I'm too chic for that) but I'm just a really lazy person. Once I let got of seven inches three were too many for me.

I decided to get a fade on the sides because why not - if I see it looking like a million on a guy you bet I'm going to replace their face with mine in my minds eye! I know this is the right track because I got a hair compliment from guys! Let's be real here; compliments from women always win over compliments from men - except for when it comes to hair.