The conversation on selling out has become more amplified in the last few years. Having this conversation projected onto a larger part of the populous has shifted many discussions. With the core of everything being how to separate yourself from the crowd and find your niche. But there is no niche to be carved out - it is really the question of opportunity. Striking while the iron is hot seems to matter more than how original you are or can be. 

I am current;y waiting for the last part of my supper to cook, roasted sweet potatoes with some additional vegetables. Tradition, skewed due to being in the west where sweet potatoes aren't as sweet, there's a light falseness that my tongue has become accustomed to. Despite or maybe in spite of this fact I still try to use all the right spics to get some of that kienegi flavour. It's hard to be legitimate where people love products that hold a little falsehood in their DNA. For the longest time I had a debate in the back of my mind about what is legit. Does it matter? Who cares if you're a little false if you're happy and more important in the land of capitalism - making bank. I still don't have an answer to this question. I don't know how much of the me I put on here is real. How much is projected - what I wouldn't be if I hadn't started this and more importantly whether or not I actually care.


Sheer Top (worn underneath) - ASOS

Dress - Oak + Fort

Scarf (on neck) - Aritzia

Sneakers (mens) - Nike Air Max

Cross body bag - Calvin Klein