It's been a while since monochrome dressing has been the mode of style popular among the 4x4 window to life offered by instagram. More than that the roots of monochromatic dressing seemed to lie as a reactionary outcome of economic decline world wide. In the last two years not much has changed, for most people currencies, job markets and earning potentials are slumping and show no signs of rebound. Fashion would of course say something different. Given the embellishment at Marni and Prada as well as the idiosyncratic offerings from Gucci (fur lined slippers anyone?) life seems to be on the up and up. Which makes me wonder, if high fashion is the ultimate dream, with haute couture as the direct evidence of greater technical understanding and execution; ready to wear is a distilled version better suited to reality. However the distillation of current trends seems to be at odds with the actual lives that people are living. No one I know is in the mood for the sumptuous and overly luxurious because it doesn't work with having to extra careful with what you buy. Sure we all crave some bright spot, but that is more often than not achieved via makeup or a silhouette that is a little different - the materials worn never scream. This past Christmas sale season, i myself only purchased one or two items; of which all were necessities more than fanciful delights.


Here one might ask, well what about streetwear? To which I would say it's not good enough. Fashion houses are actively trying to steal the cool from the streets without giving the streets their props. The essential core we all seem to be after that is born from disenfranchisement and/or being an outsider; either by choice or circumstance.  You can't sell or buy a culture or ideology because the dissonance between identification and obsession seems to present itself. We can see designers presenting this dissonance as a realized message if we look at the rise of Vetements and Demna Gvasalia at Balenciaga the exaggeration of both price and silhouette is laughable. This laughability presents the essential problem; it's not just badly executed tailoring or irony; clothing is armour and bodies that don't need to be obviously guarded are a slap in the face to those that craft armour knowing there is no protection they could gain beyond what they can craft for themselves.