Dress - Topshop

Jacket - Maison Martin Margiela

Shoes - Senso

I feel that too many people have heard of the brand Maison Martin Margiela and it's diffusion line MM6 from bragging rappers and bloggers like myself. Both parties capture only the present moment in this brands history. A history that is intriguing and intimidating; but sufficiently summarized by in three words - The Antwerp Six. According to internet legend Mr. Margiela was a part of the group - but in reality he was simply a contemporary. One who now bears the title of being fashion's so called invisible man. This reclusivity was noted even in the hashtag free world of yesteryear! I feel that is sort of wonderful. I was actually thinking about this the other day - the perks of being seen but unseen. Much like Margiela and singer-songwriter Sade. Both are world renowned acts who manage to connect with an audience simply with their craft. They do not feel the need to give you insight into their personality and how they think. 

This can of course become annoying. I mean what if I want some inspiration or a path to take/not take? Then my friends I'd say look to the details. Much like the MMM jacket I'm wearing below. The tailoring is quite simple - but even in that simplicity there are details that stand out without being mentioned. Do you see them? 

In terms of winter coats I have to say I stick to my Michelin Man fare! I have two other coats that I deem as posh - used for office time or any other moment when I don't need to look like a marshmallow. For the simple fact that most coats suck. The winters in my city can get to minus 35 - most tailored coats cannot take two layers of sweater and hold your gloves and hat in their pockets. The nipped waist that is a staple in many womens coats actually tends to be detrimental for me. Once you add a few layers the formerly chic silhouette transforms itself into uniboob and other unpleasant bunching. The silhouette of this jacket is boxy and a total winner for me! I could see two sweaters underneath this. It could double as a party coat - hiding how short your dress is in milder weather. Let's be real if you find yourself on public transport as much as I do you know the dread of sitting down and having your hemline skidaddle to the top of your legs. Even worse is the nervousness that accompanies wearing something that will show dirtiness - let's be real for all of our tax dollars I don't think they actually steam clean bus and  train seats.  

Images by Na Eun