No Flex Zone

No Flex Zone

In the same manner that everyone agrees on what 'diet' to follow for an optimal lifestyle, the same can be said for high heels. Some attest to having a pointy toe box as the key to longevity while other state that you simply have to grin and bear it like other womanly things ( i.e childbirth, your period...) I would like to say that I too have a key to comfort. But I really don't there are some moments when I tell myself to walk like I mean it. There is nothing wimpier to me than acknowledging the weakness that you are feeling! Plus the fact that the pain is doubled once you take your feet out is enough to keep me going. I will say that these shoes are enough to get me through 6++ hours of uni, no tears involved. What I'm trying to say is try hard not to sacrifice comfort for living. Seriously - what is the point of putting together a look and crying through it mentally? For me if I don't feel like I would willingly stroll slowly in a pair of heels for fun - or any item of clothing for that matter then I don't buy it. Or people for that matter. With the early stages of uni coming to a rapid close I find that I am letting go of acquaintances. It's not because I don't like them blah blah blah; more so because I notice that most people (or those who haven't fallen to the wayside due to scheduling conflicts/time zone conflicts etc) tend to hit you up when they don't want to appear to be loners. In theory there's nothing wrong with that but let's be real when these types of people don't even bother with the usual Merry Christmas/Happy Birthday Facebook BS they might as well stare hard at the wall. Drop what isn't necessary and don't be afraid of really, really being no matter what those outside of you may think.

Sweatshirt - Heavyweight Lee 

Skirt - Calvin Klein

Scarf - From Nyanya

Booties - SENSO