Growing up and getting older mean that the moments of compounded remembrance get longer and longer. Time flies faster and faster without any form of warning. Thinking back I can't account for which age brought about the change of feeling like every day was big and full of possibilities versus the consistent panic of knowing that twenty four hours aren't enough. Yes Beyonce has the same twenty four hours but she must also have a the skill of warping time in her arsenal. 

In talking to my boss a week or so ago he posited the idea that a friend had mentioned to him. Which was that the performance of repetitive motions over and over leads to you doing and your brain not keying in every action as unique. Where does that leave us?

Well for one nostalgia is a dirty dirty liar. Everything seems better in hindsight. Remembering pain in the present is easy, past pain is hidden and changed by our minds. You forget how difficult it was to slip into item A, how uncomfortable it was and how unsure you felt. All this gets sucked up into a black hole every time you see the garment for what it should be. Not what it actually becomes once reality comes crashing into it. 

Nostalgia is a dirty dirty liar except for when it isn't. Which only happens when working with people I always have magical moments with. Paulina is one of the first people from whom I took direction (and continue) to take direction from about posing.. Paulina is one of the first people who made me try to think in terms of a concept. Mood, outfit and location. The whole she bang. 

Nostalgia is only a dirty liar when you're trying to forget. Combining her nifty vision behind the lens and my favourite clothing items this hot sweaty afternoon seemed like a warm embrace psychologically. These items hit me just right. Even when out of place, with a strap off my shoulder it was right. 

Images by Paulina