Only the Good Things

Only the Good Things

Oh look it's Thursday. As the week gets longer I usually make worse decisions about what to wear etc etc. Let's be real the grey matter starts to feel fuzzy once it feels the weekend (although for the last six months I have to ask what is a weekend) near. The solution to that is having easy easy basics to pull from. As much as I love a wild crazy top or a good skirt there's something comforting about the t-shirt and trouser pairing that got me today. This is of course routine but you can always take things one step further, no? Electric blue was the hue of the day with my t-shirt dress rolled into my trousers before running to catch my bus. Kind of amusing how things that should be effortless are actually a bit difficult to pull off. Much like keeping friendships alive but effortless, or metaphors and everything really easy. After nineteen years of life I maintain everything good is easy - this doesn't count for easy girls, boys or classes. Remember easy is nice but don't confuse it with simple. 

T-shirt dress (worn as t-shirt) - Oak + Fort                                                                  Heels - Senso

Trousers - Lord and Taylor                                                                                          Bag - Aritzia 

Jacket - From Nepal 

Images by Gelline