I think that the most nerve racking task, with regard to photos and photography, is having someone ask to take your portrait. Without the rest of my body and the associated drama of a 'look', the focus is solely on the so called self. Your face, regardless of the flaws you do and don't have are front and center. You are exposed, while at the same time exposing the person who takes your image even more. After the posing however comes the most difficult task - seeing yourself. I have some go to good angles that I try not to stray from, working with someone else means that what they feel is amazing and worthy may or may not align with what you've held to be true for a while. It's strange how maleable image is in the sense that being a dynamic individual isn't a concept that crosses my mind? I don't really think that hey I am older or have different hair and thus angle x isn't a bad angle it's different. Anyway, I have a few more images to share with you. In the meantime these are my favourite shots that Paulina took of me in late June. You can view different angles on her instagram page here.